Telephone Counselling

Face to face counselling is the most recognised form of therapy, but there are a number of factors that could mean that telephone counselling could work better for you.

Telephone counselling offers the same level of support and confidentiality as face to face sessions.

Care To Listen recognise that some clients aren’t able to travel to sessions for a variety of reasons. We are happy to discuss the possibility of telephone counselling if you consider it would be the best service for you.

If you are unable to travel to our premises due to a disability or caring responsibilities you could consider telephone counselling.

Our Admin Team will organise a suitable time to conduct an initial assessment of your needs. Once the assessment has been processed you will be allocated to a suitable counsellor who will arrange to work with you on a weekly basis, the same day and time each week.


The standard charge for an initial assessment consultation is £15

Fees for following counselling sessions are £20

Payment will be taken via a debit/credit card, so please have your card to hand when calling

Telephone Counselling sessions are 50 minutes long

Telephone counselling is available every week day from 9am – 4pm

Art Therapy

Care To Listen offer individual art therapy sessions.

The idea behind this type of therapy is to use art as a primary means of communication, something that can be useful for those who find it difficult to verbalise their feelings. Being practical and using physical objects, such as paintbrushes and paper, often helps people to feel more connected to the world around them.

As well as helping those with mental health issues, art therapy can be beneficial to a wide range of people including young children, the elderly and those in the justice system. Experience or skill in art is not required, as your work will not be criticised – it is more about the emotions expressed and felt throughout the process.

Art therapy sessions are private and confidential, as with the more conventional talking therapies and any work produced will be unidentifiable and securely stored in our dedicated art therapy room.

Art Therapy Fees

The standard charge for an initial assessment consultation is £20

Fees for following art therapy sessions are £40

Art Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long

Please call our admin team on 0208 616 2160 or 07931 117064 to discuss these services in more detail.